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Eviction Defense

Feel that you are being evicted unjustly?  Call our office to see what your legal options are.

Lease Review

Are you questioning aspects of a lease you are debating whether to sign?  Perhaps you have a problem with a lease you are already involved in?  Call us to schedule a consultation today.

Security Deposit Disputes

Is your landlord keeping your security deposit, even though you feel it should be returned to you?  Even if you are having an issue over a partial deposit, it may be in your best interest to find out your options.  Call the Dupree O'Brien Law Group to find out how we might help.

Wrongful Eviction

Wrongfully evicted?  Call our office immediately to find out what your options are.  We are available to meet and advise you on how to handle the situation. 

Maintenance Issues

Is your home not being taken care of by your landlord?  If you feel that there is an issue in your home that is effecting is livability, call us to find out your options for recourse.